Friday, September 9, 2016

Earliest people of Los Angeles (the Tongva)

Sam Villa (; Xochitl, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly
Spanish Roman Catholic invaders stole babies, abused children, enslaved/killed adults.
A dynamic study of the Villages and Locations of the Tongva Indians
San Gabriel Mountain water flows to LA
Native American Tongva [renamed the Gabrielinos by European invaders] villages were located in the Los Angeles Basin for thousands of years.

These villages were located near and around the ever-changing Los Angeles, San Gabriel, and Santa Ana rivers as well as the coastal areas [and some of the Channel Islands].
This was a time when there was a perfect balance of the ecosystem, when fish and game were plentiful, and the Los Angeles River ran free with freshwater from the mountains.
Spanish/Mexican Ranchos (1800s)
Tongva settlements, villages, locations, rancherias, and lodges sometimes overlapped at their boundaries with neighboring Native American tribes such as the:
  • Chumash
  • Tataviam
  • Serrano
  • Cahuilla
  • Juaneno
  • Luiseno Indians. 
During the forced relocation and assimilation years, many Native Americans found refuge with these tribes.
  • Spanish Era 1769-1821— (Mission Era 1769-1833)
  • Mexican Era 1821-1848... More

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