Thursday, September 1, 2016

Found: Planet X, Nibiru (video)

Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly; (YT); Gabe Hash

Renowned astronomers from Northern Arizona University have finally announced that Planet X, Planet 9, Nibiru [technically the 10th planet, as Zacharia Sitchin explains, because the ninth was slammed to smithereens to become the Kuiper Belt and other objects] is most likely out there.

This recent discovery verifies everything many of us have been saying. This as well as discoveries from SETI and Secchi tell us that THINGS ARE CHANGING [and NASA has been lying all along].

Support for all of these videos are available at the free website, and check out the award-winning novel, The Calling: The Book of Thomas James.

Two suns in the sky
Another massive planet traversing our sky?
The Buddha spoke of a time when there will be as many as seven suns leading this planet of ours to wither away and burn. But that is a long way off. Nibiru comes around periodically on a predictable schedule and changes everything due to the inhabitants there and their interference in earthling affairs. It's nothing new, but the information has been kept from us by those in power. Attempts by astronomers blowing the whistle has led to their mysterious assassinations. Someone has a vested interest in keeping this information secret, not least the fossil fuel industry that profits so richly by keeping free energy a secret along with the true history of the planet which we have been led to call "myth."

(Info4change/WTF Files) Nibiru Planet X preparing for 2017 [disclosure files]
Meanwhile, back on earth, this privileged white rapist is back on the streets (AP).

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