Friday, September 9, 2016

Blue-Eyed Buddha (was not a Westerner)

Pakistani Warrior (COMMENTARY) edited by Dhr. Seven, Amber Larson, Wisdom Quarterly
The blue-eyed Buddha and other Central Asian Buddhists (Atlantean Gardens)
Massive Himalayan statue, Diskit. The historical Buddha Shakyamuni and the Future Buddha Maitreya are Central Asians born west of India: The Buddha came from the West (Shakya/Scythia)
North Pakistan, formerly India (until 1948)
There are blue-eyed people in Northern Pakistan named Kalasha with no connection to Germanic or Slavic peoples of the West [except that it is said they claim Macedonian (Ancient Greek) descent].

Such people are all R1b blood types of the mythical Gog and Magog tribes.

The Scythians, on the other hand, were an Eastern Iranian tribe with R1a1 blood type. They are not even close to Westerners.

Moreover, the Buddha (the Scythian/Shakyian prince Siddhartha Gautama (was not from any of the Saka tribes (bordering ancient "India") either. How can an Iranian people (Aryians, self-designated Indo-Aryan peoples) be Western?

Blue eyes [according to the questionable theory of evolution in its latest iteration] evolved in cold climates; the Himalayas are cold, and the Kalasha are Haplogroup L, which is from Pakistan (which until 1948 was the northwestern frontier of India).
Others are just pale Homo sapiens who steal the traditions of others. How can a man like the Buddha be from a race like the white race with a history of bullying native peoples such as the Aztecs? (Aztecah means "the people of Atzlan/Agartha).

The Buddha came to India from Afghanistan.
Germanic and Slavic races are not even remotely related to anything that Pakistan (NW India) has, save for the Brahmins (and their ancient Vedic texts) who are originally from the Khazarian tribes of the West.

Their habit/nature (with an affinity for theft) seems to show this. Now Brahmins have brown skin. But they are without a doubt from the Kurgan; gene studies show that they are the same people.

See what set off this commentary at The Buddha came from the West (Shakya/Scythia).

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They are indeed related. All Indo-Europeans

All Aryans. Iran means land of the Aryans.