Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dating: What will girls do for money? (video)

ComedyHeaven; Ashley Wells, CC Liu, Seth Auberon, Dhr. Seven, Wisdom Quarterly

Money talks, Billy Boy. - Hi, Donald.
There are many dangers in the dating seas for straight men -- diseases, psycho-b's, frigidity, gold diggers. It's no better for women, of course, but the list is different -- diseases, serial killers, porn-induced impotence (ED) or expectations, and bums (scrubs).

Then there are the liars, cheats, and anyone else Tadolf Swiftler is making songs about these days. People won't believe it. And certainly it does not apply to our readers. But here's proof, a 2016 social psych experiment.

I won't do anything for money...or I might.
Our society has conditioned us, our country's attitude infecting the whole world. There is not so much sexism, racism, and shadism (what shade a person is trumping what race).

No, the real measure with the most impact is socioeconomic status, "moolah baby," as rapper Li'l Wayne is fond of saying. It's often comes down to the green, even at a less than conscious level. The rich are held as a cut above the rest of the worker bees (drones), so get back to work and stop surfing the Net.

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