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Sex, and What is "Labor Day"? (video)

CC Liu, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly; Trend Watch (, Sept. 3, 2016)
Rosie the Riveter, like women in general, can get it done. DIY (
[Oingo Boingo, "Wild Sex (in the Working Class)"] Jewish-born Christian-celebrating musical genius Danny Elfman appears on the Kevin & Bean Show (, Monday, Sept. 6, 2016 to talk about his upcoming "Nightmare Before Christmas" LIVE performance in Los Angeles.
Eight hours’ work, eight hours’ rest, eight hours’ education
No work, no play. Go to Burning Man.
A long weekend is appropriate for the observance of Labor Day, celebrated on the first Monday in September in the United States and Canada.

It was first celebrated in New York in 1882, and Congress made the holiday official in 1894.

The New York Times reported on one of the early Labor Day parades on September 7, 1886, noting that 14,000 laborers marched in Manhattan, 6,000 in Brooklyn, and 12,000 in Newark for what was referred to as “Labor’s Day.”

Work, sweet/sour condiments or tartar sauce
The marchers in Manhattan included carpenters, followed by horseshoers, framers, printers, the typesetters of the chapels (associations of employees in a printing office) of the New York newspapers, typefounders, housepainters, bricklayers, shoemakers, buttonhole makers, shirtmakers, furniture makers, woodcarvers, cigar makers, journeymen brewers (“with hop leaves in their hats”), hat makers and, near the rear of the parade, “individual members of a troop of bartenders were recognized by many of the spectators.”

Some carried banners reading “Eight Hours’ Work, Eight Hours’ Rest, Eight Hours’ Education.”

Searches for 'Labor Day’ spike every year on Labor Day weekend. The holiday was first observed in 1882.
A subsequent article reporting on the parades in other cities and reported from Chicago, bore the headline:
The timing of these parades was no coincidence: The American Federation of Labor (AFL) was founded in 1886, marking the beginning of a successful, large-scale labor movement in the U.S. May Day (May 1) was designated as International Labor Day by the International Socialist Congress in 1899 and was a major holiday in communist countries.
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Rosie the riveting Riveter: Scientists have proven that women are stronger than men [or at least better able to endure pain]. Women live longer than men due to DNA inherited from their mothers." (Eurostat/

"Wild Sex (in the Working Class)"
Work so hard trying to make a few bucks
I pass the hours in a dream
The sweat keeps rolling off the tip of my nose
There's only one thing keeps me on my feet

And I may be greasing the wheels of a noisy factory
Or I may be hunched over metal machines
Watching the gears as they move
Just reminds me of bodies in motion
The sweat and the sound

Wild sex in the working class
After 5:00 it's a gas
Wild sex in the working class
Counting minutes gonna get home fast

Thinking of your warm skin
While I touch cold steel
The days go by to the pounding beat
My back is aching so bad
But I'm grinning inside
Thinking of you keeps me on my feet...

I work so hard thinking of you
Work so hard thinking of you
Work so hard

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