Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Winged humanoid found in Mexico (video)

Express.co.uk; Mexican-American newsman Jaime Maussan, paranormal investigators Brien Foerster and L.A. Marzulli (C2C); CC Liu, Dhr. Seven (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

This very odd creature was seen in an office in Mexico City in January 2016. Trained biologist Brien Foerster has had a hard time thinking it fake. More: lamarzulli.net
Body of bizarre winged humanoid found
That's one of the bad ones.
A group of paranormal researchers are attempting to determine the nature and origins of a strange winged creature [Latin American/Iberian duende, Filipino duwende, or Buddhist kumbhanda?] discovered in Mexico.

The tiny oddity boasts what appears to be a humanoid body along with a set of wings, causing some to suggest that it could be a fairy or an alien [or a goblin or elf judging by the head and vicious teeth].
Creature preserved in a jar in a lab
Brien Foerster says that he spotted the bizarre creature floating in a specimen jar at an office in Mexico back in January.

Since then, it has been subjected to X-ray and DNA analysis, which showed that the organic form contains an inner skeleton [and buckshot indicating that it was shot out of the sky and killed by a human].
In the video, which unveiled the creature, author L.A. Marzulli speaks with a man who appears to be the scientist who conducted the tests.
They conclude that the oddity could not be a hoax because the X-ray scan would have revealed it as such if it were a doll or some other fabrication.

Buddhist "fairy" = Earth devi.
In light of the bone structure found inside the creature, researchers hope to extract and analyze DNA from it to learn more about what it might be. [The first test was inconclusive because it had sat too long in formaldehyde].

Despite the fantastic nature of the creature, it would be best to exercise caution before leaping to a paranormal conclusion, since a number of previous "alien bodies" have been disproved in the past.
Nonetheless, it is hoped that future tests on the mysterious discovery will show whether it has a terrestrial or extraterrestrial origin. More

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