Friday, December 22, 2017

Jesus was a Buddhist monk, says BBC (video)

British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC Four (Did Jesus Die?); Editors, Wisdom Quarterly
(BBC Four) The most interesting part in the video concerning Buddhism begins at Minute 39:39.

Did Jesus Die? is an investigation of the stories surrounding the New Testament account of the Christian Crucifixion. Historians and theologians reveal the latest evidence and theories about the fabled events of 2,000 years ago. The British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC Four, investigates and has produced this documentary program to document its shocking findings. Clearly Jesus was a JuBu who went to India/Kashmir. Was he (Issa) a tulku?
"Jubu"? Yes, a Jewish-Buddhist. There are lots of 'em. Jewish culture, Buddhist spirituality

Hollywood's better, cooler Jesus/Yshua/Issa
Jesus of Nazareth vs. Aryan Fantasy Christ

How Jesus Became God (Bart D. Ehrman)
…Why did Jesus die (or did he)? Christians believe the death…as are stories of the Resurrection. In the end the Roman authorities… It's a question we'll be asking on Sunday following the widely-reported discovery of the most Earth-like planet ever discovered. Some scientists believe the so-called "super-Earth," which orbits Gliese 581, one of Earth...

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