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The best way to get DRUNK

Ac. Mahaviirananda Avadhuta (The Tantric Guru: Enchanting Stories of His Life, p. 251, Ananda Marga Publications, 2011); Dhr. Seven, Ashley Wells (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly; Ananda Purnima

This better be good, cuz I'm not in the mood.
A student from Muzzafarpur in Bihar state, India [where Prince Siddhartha became the Buddha, "the Awakened One"] went to the Ananda Marga's meeting place in Beautiful Town.

Many devotees were around "Baba" [Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji, born P. K. Sarkar, the Indian philosopher who developed Progressive Utilization Theory].
Baba told him, "Come close to me." Then he said, "What do you drink in your hostel? Why do you keep a bottle [of alcohol] hidden on your bookshelf? Nobody knows about it, but I know. Move closer, near to me."
Then as he touched the student's trikuti [forehead], the student went into samadhi [trance, mental unification, collectedness, stillness, deep concentration].

Where exactly is the trikuti or confluence to three sacred "rivers"?

Thanks but I prefer water to immortality.
Baba explained, "During samadhi [a coherent and blissful state of mind] there is a hormone [DMT, melatonin?] secretion from the pineal gland. It is amrta rasa [amata, ambrosia, a "nectar of immortality"], a nectarean hormone. The student is not senseless; rather, he is in samadhi.

"After a while his senses will become active again and when he regains normal consciousness his eyes will be red, as if he is drunk. This is divine intoxication, not wine intoxication."

After 20 minutes the student opened his eyes. Everybody could see that they were reddish as if he were drunk.

The mysterious pineal gland for endo-DMT
Baba asked him, "How do you feel? Are you enjoying it?"

Baba then added, "The student's state is a thousand times better than being in a wine-drunken state. When people drink wine their senses become dull, and their minds become more crude and blind [obtunded].

Ananda Marga devotees dance, sing kirtan
"But when devotees go into samadhi, they go into a fine [sublime] state of subtlety. And after, when they become normal again, they are fully refreshed."

Baba requested the student, "Promise me not to drink wine again." Then Baba promised him, "If you do more spiritual exercises (sadhana), you will be able to enjoy samadhi.

"The hormonal secretion from the pineal gland will give you more concentration of mind and you will be able to study well, whereas after drinking wine, you lose your sensory awareness and feel sleepy. Then you miss your studies and waste you father's money by purchasing wine. For the blissful experience of samadhi, you don't have to spend a single [cent]."

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