Thursday, December 7, 2017

Gotta get some Bitcoin! Here's how

Pat Macpherson, Seth Auberon, Pfc. Sandoval, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly
Bitcoin is not physical, like the trick "bit" shown here. It's only digital and a bubble.
If Bitcoin is man in black, woman in white is the new investor trying to get rich quick.
Cash me outside, bitch, and pay me in Bit!
Get rich schemes are getting harder to come by since Internet search engines allow us to research more sides of the story than just the one that makes scammers money.

But have you seen what Bitcoin (BTC), the hot digital cryptocurrency, has been doing lately? It's volatile and has no future in its present form. But along the way from here to there, one can ride the wave of volatility and cash out ahead of the game. Set a reasonable automatic sell point.
I can pay you in bit. Are you on tour soon?
It's a risky game. Be prepared to lose it all. Unlike most things, Bitcoin is not a good thing to hold for the long term. Why? Banks and governments are not going to allow themselves to be undermined by an independent alternative currency. They will subvert it, much as they are currently doing by inflating this bubble.

If Bitcoin is so valuable, why are current owners trying to seduce so many new investors into the market? That's how you make money from a bubble. It's like having a poker game among friends. How are you going to get rich? Invite a bunch of nonfriends to join the "friendly" game and milk them for all their money. In this example, you are the nonfriend about to be milked yet you think you're joining a friendly game to get rich off them.

I so wanna get rich quick, I lose it all.
Ever wonder why it is suddenly so volatile? It's because it's about to be listed in normal stock markets so investors can buy futures. Bitcoin is constantly being remade, reformatted, robbed from electronic vaults (which should be impossible but apparently isn't that hard), and precariously depends on the objective Internet, subjective net access, the bitcoin network, and the WWW. One solar flare or pulse bomb, and it all goes bye bye. An investor will still have it in cyberspace but will have no way to cash it in. Ask Danielle Bregoli.

More suckers needed to join our game
It was once possible to buy one Bitcoin for 8 cents. That was a few years ago. One guy bought $600.00's worth. He forgot about them in his hard drive then threw the hard drive away -- and with it, $122,000,000.00 at current prices, depending at what time of day one sells, of course, because the price is changing hourly by thousands of dollars per coin.

How does one get rich in an investment market? "Buy low, sell high." (The trick is there's no way to know ahead of time what "low" means and when the "high" is hit; that's all guesswork). When are people going to be buying? Right now, which is high. When will they be selling? When it's low, after the bubble bursts.
How likely is anyone entering the market right now to get rich with Bitcoin? Not likely at all, zero percent. It violates the fundamental rule.

But then why do ads and agents keep promoting Bitcoin? That's so you can salivate, get in higher praying it'll go higher, then you'll be cleaned out when you try to divest after the plunge. They come in and clean up, you go lick your wounds and wish you hadn't mortgaged the house.

Let dana be your path to gold.
Buy gold or silver, as their value never goes to zero. Bitcoin will be supplanted by another cryptocurrency banks and governments control and regulate and treat just like the fiat currency we live under now. What's that other truism about markets? "A fool and his money are soon parted."

See, this is how they get you: by changing the subject right away. Q: "Should I buy bitcoin?" A: "Digital currencies are the future." No one's arguing whether or not digital and cryptocurrencies are sound. The question is whether the bitcoin brand is sound. There will be, there already are, alternative currencies. Like Napster, bitcoin will not be allowed to succeed or come out on top. Bitcoin is not a sacrificial lamb so much as it is a Judas goat that leads others to slaughter.

Stop making sense! I want to buy BTC anyway
Gold, being real, is the opposite of bitcoin. There is no such tangible thing as a Bitcoin.
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