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Have a very Buddhist Christmas! (cartoons)

The Simpsons; Wilson Hurley (VOA News); Ajahn Brahm (Buddhist Society of Western Australia); Family Guy; Rebeca Castella; Amber Larson, Crsytal Quintero, CC Liu (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

The historical Buddha, Sid Gautama, is different than the Fat Happy Budai, a Chinese monk and bodhisattva who was fat, jolly, and carried a sack of candy to give out to children.

Christmas -- the Buddhist Way
It has long been true that Xmas is not just for Christians any more. Many people of many different religious persuasions or of no persuasion at all celebrate the day and the Yule season. Suli Yi of VOA's Mandarin Service has this story about the meaning of Xmas for followers of Buddhism in the Washington area. It is narrated by Brian Allen.
Merry Buddhamas! with Ajahn Brahm

Responding to an online request, British Ajahn Brahm talks about celebrating "Buddhamas" on the 25th of December. He and the other Western monks in Thailand once asked the famous Ajahn Chah about Christmas. "Christmas, what's that?" he answered. They explained, and he liked it, and thereafter they all celebrated "Buddhamas." Ajahn Brahm discusses that the whole idea of spirituality is not to divide the world but to unite it. More: "Peace at Christmas Time" (Buddhist Society of Western Australia, Dec. 2015).

Humor the "Family Guy" way
USA sent US Treasury Sec'y Steve Mnuchin his gift on time: a box full of manure

Whether ya think ya can or can't, you're right
(Watch Mojo) Sick! These "jokes" cross the line! Family Guy has gone too far. It's all pretty bad, but these are worse. These are the Top 10 that go too far in assaulting our US sense of uptightness and Puritanism. There's an appearance by Jesus who becomes a super star, Herbert the Pervert, Brian eating Stewie's poop, and the all-American family makes us all look bad by airing our real dirty laundry. Now the whole world knows we're hypocrites and phonies.
What does Christmas mean to a Buddhist?

Follow Rebeca on her Latin American adventures and get tips on how to meditate at ( What does Xmas mean to you, and how are you deciding to celebrate these holidays? Share in the comment section. Happy Winter Solstice and Merry Xmas!

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