Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Something in the sky: SpaceX or UFOs?

Pat Macpherson, Ananda, Seth Auberon, Dhr. Seven, Wisdom Quarterly; Disclosure; Reddit

What's that, a bird, a man, a vimana, a wormhole, a SpaceX rocket's payload?
Never mind, Earthlings, go back to sleep.
Ready for Disclosure? The night it happened, Jan ran in screaming she had had a sighting. She was carrying her phone, so naturally we asked her if she had photographed it. "Photographed it? I filmed it!" We stared in surprise at the perplexing video, which she had already posted on Facebook for her friends to see and react to. "What about the rest of the world?" "What about them?" "Let's show them your video." "They can friend me and watch it on Facebook." Then her messages started to blow up, and there was no use talking sense to her. Before long "SpaceX" was the explanation.

Once there was a mass sighting on the east coast. Lots of people saw it, lots filmed and photographed it. Before long the powers that be said it was just a bunch of balloons. Never mind that that didn't explain things. It gave people a reflexive go to in answer to anyone saying they saw something "unidentified." "Here, let me identify it for you" based on what the mainstream mass media told me to tell you..." The good thing this time is that, with this excuse, it should be the case that this kind of sighting is replicated because SpaceX is, allegedly, putting up about 80 more satellites or something in the atmosphere. We should have the same kind of spectacular sighting the next however many times. When we don't, we'll know this was something special on the order of the spiral wormhole that opened that time over Scandinavia.

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Hel yeah, we're ready for the starship disclosure! Finally!

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