Wednesday, December 6, 2017

WOMEN: Time's "Person of the Year"!

Stephanie Zacharek, Eliana Dockterman, Haley Sweetland Edwards, photography by Billy & Hells (; Ashley Wells, Crystal Quintero (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
Not all women are person of the year, just The Silence Breakers, which includes men.
OK, I lost. I lost. And you know what, I lost.
Movie stars are supposedly nothing like you and me. They're svelte, glamorous, self-­possessed. They wear dresses we can't afford and live in houses we can only dream of.

Yet it turns out that -- in the most painful and personal ways -- movie stars are more like you and me than we ever knew.
A young Ashley Judd, budding actress
In 1997, just before Ashley Judd's career took off, she was invited to a meeting with Harvey Weinstein, head of the star-making studio Miramax, at a Beverly Hills hotel.

Astounded and offended by Weinstein's attempt to coerce her into bed, Judd managed to escape. But instead of keeping quiet about the kind of encounter that could easily shame a woman into silence, she began spreading the word.
"I started talking about Harvey the minute that it happened," Judd says in an interview with TIME.

"Literally, I exited that hotel room at the Peninsula Hotel in 1997 and came straight downstairs to the lobby, where my dad was waiting for me, because he happened to be in Los Angeles from Kentucky, visiting me on the set.

"And he could tell by my face -- to use his words -- that something devastating had happened to me. I told him. I told everyone."

If that were my daughter, it would be so hot
[Her dad then marched upstairs and violently beat Weinstein, was arrested, and is serving a long prison sentence due to Weinstein's influence with attorney (and aggressive bisexual hypocrite) Hillary Clinton, who has decades of experience covering for sexual harassers like her husband, Pres. Bill, a star in the Democratic Party -- no, that didn't happen, of course.] She recalls one screenwriter friend telling her that Weinstein's behavior was an open secret [in Hollywood and in the Clinton White House]... More

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