Friday, December 1, 2017

Wilderness Survival Training (L.A., Dec. 2)

Survivalist Christopher Nyerges (School of Self-Reliance) will cover basic to intermediate wilderness survival in this class taught by Keith Farrar and Christopher Nyerges.

This is a full-day with quite a bit of hands-on training. These are some of the topics to be discussed:
  • priorities in a wilderness survival situation
  • the importance of the correct mindset
  • first aid
  • emergency shelters
  • useful knots
  • water collection and purification
  • signaling for rescue
  • getting "found"
  • several methods for making fire
  • the difference between the "10 essentials" and a survival kit
Christopher Nyerges has 39 years of experience teaching survival skills in Los Angeles.
We're learning the ropes to survive. Thanks, Christopher!

Wait, you can pick and eat plants? - Yeah, where'd you think food came from? - The store.
Participants will understand exactly how to build a "wilderness survival kit" that is complete and organized. This kit will be built on concepts rather than lists. This method assures survivalists will have everything they need based on level of experience, knowledge, and familiarity and comfort with products.

Can you start a fire with sticks?
Please bring a comfortable camp chair along with lunch, water, and anything normally carried on a short day-hike. Dress appropriately for the weather. Additionally, Christopher Nyerges will conduct a "wild food" plant walk so everyone can learn to spot some of the edible plants in this part of Southern California.
  • Hahamongna Watershed Park*
  • Saturday, Dec. 2, 2017, 10 AM
  • Cost of full day, $65.00
*DIRECTIONS: Park entrance at Foothill Bl. and Oak Grove Dr., Pasadena, northeast Los Angeles. Meet at south end of the upper area (across the street from La Canada High School), near the outdoor bathrooms. One way to arrive is to travel west on the 210 Freeway, exit on Foothill in La Canada. Turn right (east), and take Foothill about a half-mile till it ends, which is the entrance of the park. Enter, go right, and drive south until the outdoor bathrooms. (Do not make a left turn at any time, which would lead downhill).
Nyerges has written many books like Foraging Edible Wild Plants of North America

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