Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sexist-racist Ralph Garman fired by KROQ

Seth Auberon, Pat Macpherson, Ashley Wells, Pfc. Sandoval, Wisdom Quarterly; Daily News

Ralph Garman (Hollywood Babble On)
It was surprising when Alt98 FM reported that rival co-host Ralph Garman over at competitor KROQ FM was out, they weren't celebrating because, they say, there's no competition between them and their main competitor, the "Kevin & Bean Show," where Garman has worked for nearly the last two decades alongside celebrities. They didn't say what Garman did to get fired.
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Ex-comedy sidekick Garman was once comedian Adam Corolla's roommate in the Valley but rose to prominence on the K&B Show. Corolla, a good friend of Jewish right wing extremist broadcaster Dennis Praeger, became a right wing radio broadcaster taking over for Howard Stern when Stern switched from terrestrial to Sirius radio.

Fired just before the big annual Xmas show
He and Jimmy Kimmel, co-creators of "The Man Show" and "Crank Yankers," also a K&B Show discovery who went on to the greatest success at ABC with his late night "Jimmy Kimmel Show." Kimmel -- who once dated the great Sarah Silverman but married another woman -- is every bit as racist, sexist, and right wing as Corolla and Garman, but he works it well as has recently become a mainstream media "leftist" because he opposes guns and champions healthcare for the needy, like his newest special needs child.
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They are all L.A. friends, all cut from the same cloth, all white male racist, sexist, quiet supremacist types -- not actual members of Nazi organizations but likely taking quiet satisfaction in helping maintain the status quo.

Garman is by far the brightest with a prodigious memory for nerd trivia and an aptitude for voices.

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So much so that he works for younger, richer genius Seth Macfarlane on "Family Guy," "American Dad," and "The Oroville." And he is the lesser alongside Hollywood director Kevin Smith on their lame pot/alcohol-fueled stand up rant called "Hollywood Babble On," which has failed to gain the traction of a Kimmel or Corolla, or even a sidekick slot as significant as Garman friend Mike Catherwood, who daily rides the coat tails of Dr. Drew Pinsky over on the AM dial at KABC Talk Radio (weekdays 12:00-3:00 PM).

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Mike Catherwood is extra careful at KABC
What has Garman done that was so bad or so different from his daily racist and sexist comments? One can only imagine that to avoid a scandal he was given the opportunity to step down and resign as he's being fired. He repeatedly came on today crying his goodbyes, protesting too much that it was not due to sexual harassment or rape allegations. He did not say it was nothing to do with sexism or racism. He may have yet again crossed the line on these fronts.
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And Entercom, the new corporate owner of KROQ radio, may just want to save money on lawsuits, pay people off, and preserve its flagship K&B Show, that two years ago unceremoniously fired aging co-hostess Lisa May, the news and traffic gal that was incorporated into the show and made the victim of countless incidents of sexism, which she lamented never filing suit over thinking she was preserving her job as K&B's only female sidekick. Her FM career was saved by the rival KLOS (95.5) "Frosty, Heidi & Frank Show," where she does traffic, news, weather, and occasional commentary weekday mornings while being ignored by Kevin and Bean and the younger replacement Ally McKay. More to come when we get further revelations.
    I'm fired. Entercom doesn't want me. Bye.
  • (Daily News) In February 2015, Lisa May, who did traffic and weather for the morning show and was part of the show’s banter, was also let go [while Kevin and Bean heartlessly looked the other way and neither told her nor apologized for how it was done]. May had been with the show almost since its inception back in 1990. KROQ is licensed out of Pasadena. It was owned by CBS Radio but the broadcast company recently merged with Entercom. More
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