Friday, November 3, 2017

Void in Great Pyramid is a chamber (video)

Corrupt, deposed, former Egyptian Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs Zahi Hawass has one aim, to conceal the truth about Egyptian pyramids, monuments, and archeological discoveries. His motive(s)? Presumably to keep modern Egyptians believing that their ancestors built these super ancient structures, rather than other earthlings or "spacelings." Clearly very advanced ancient alien astronauts (akasha devas, meddling "gods," colonial demigods, who are also human) built them with earthling-human help. They built similar structures around the world and on other planets.

(Close Encounters UFO) A closer look at the discovery

King Khufu's suspicion about the just discovered "CHAMBER"
(Nov. 2, 2017) Physicists have just discovered a "huge void" in the Great Pyramid above the Grand Gallery with a muon telescope. Khufu, according to the Westcar Papyrus, was actually searching for the huge chamber the ScanPyramids Project just discovered.
In this video we show that this is really a chamber. The buttressed structure does not allow for hollows or loose assemblages of rubble. The story goes that Khufu was searching for the 35,000 book pre-Egyptian library. Who knows what he hoped to find. It would seem that along with digging the heck out of Giza, he renovated the pyramids as well, perhaps adding the exterior casing stones.
Keepin' a lid on it, Zahi? - Of course, Bari!
Did Pharaoh Khufu build the pyramids? Not likely, and PUBLIC opinion does not seem to support the idea. He might have added the casing stones or renovated it. The newly discovered chamber is currently described in the media as a "void." They can't call it a chamber if they want to be published!
There is a real Chamber of Thoth, the first "god" of Egypt, possibly depicted on the Sphinx stela underneath the Sphinx, about 30 meters down, where it begins. That chamber discovery made with cosmic (muon) rays is of intense interest to people interested in the lost high civilization that preceded Egypt. Khufu himself seems to have been searching for it.

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