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Weinstein's world, has #MeToo gone too far?

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Since gaining traction as a result of sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein, the #MeToo hashtag has garnered both praise and criticism.
A recent critical Los Angeles Times Op-Ed argues the latter.
The piece is written by Cathy Young, a contributing editor at Reason, who argues about the potential negative effects to come out of the Weinstein fallout, the #MeToo campaign, and the various rhetoric surrounding it.

She suggests that there may be some conflation between questionable conduct and sexual assault or even rape.
Young doesn’t excuse sexual harassment in the workplace. She writes that boorish behavior should be discouraged, but she also questions whether every gross remark amounts to harassment and whether anyone should automatically lose his or her career or reputation as a result.

National Organization for Women (NOW) holds news conference and demonstration outside Manhattan Criminal Court, Oct. 13, 2017,  NYC (Spencer Platt/Getty Images/
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What are your thoughts? Is the #MeToo movement “Weinsteining” people who’s actions don’t rise to the level of [technical workplace] sexual harassment? Or is #MeToo a long overdue vehicle for having victims’ voices heard?

[Or, like us at Wisdom Quarterly, is it a bit of both?] More + AUDIO
#MeToo campaign encourages abused to speak

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