Saturday, November 25, 2017

Vegan ThanksLiving: The Human Love Tunnel

FB, Roaming Vegan Potlucks; Amber Larson, CC Liu (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

There were ~100 of us to one side of the main festivities, in the human Tunnel of Love: We were smudged with white sage and passed through a love gauntlet with eyes closed and hands out as each person leaned in and whispered inspired positive messages. It was intense. Some cried, some repeated "thank you," others went through again. Thanks, Dave!

Some people just come to look good and meet other Los Angeles vegans.

The food, 100% vegan, was inspired and diverse, a variety of savories, sweets, raw, more!
At the opening of our circle, this young woman in tight clothes did an interpretive dance.
About 350 stood for the opening circle with dance, poetry, instructions, and many smiles.

Pick a card, any card. I swear it's not a trick. It'll be fun. - Look into my eye, card dealer.

Okay, the food was great, the lines long but manageable, the people odd, then everyone ate, got massages, did meet and greets with old friends and new. Then came the best part, even better than the overflowing dessert table. Dave Rubin invited everyone to join in a love experiment. We were curious. We ran over and were arranged in two rows facing each other. The burning sage cleansed ("smudged") us in the Native American tradition of the local Kizh/Tongva, Chumash, and Tataviam (Spanish Gabrieleno, Ventureno, and Fernandeno) tribes. Volunteers went to the first opening in the human tunnel, were smudged again and given instructions to close their eyes, walk slowly, and listen. Then people in the lines that formed the wall of the human tunnel showered them with love one by one. It was amazing, a tingly experience, like the most love (metta) you ever got from strangers. It was awesome!

I love you with universal love (metta, agape). - I love you, too, in the best way!

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