Friday, November 10, 2017

Mushrooms: "The Reality of Truth" (video)

Michelle Rodriguez (The Reality of Truth Film); Pat Macpherson, Dhr. Seven, Wisdom Quarterly

The Reality of Truth
Learn more. This highly compelling film offers a front row seat on an around the world exploration of how individuals, groups, and entire cultures tap into an alternative “true reality” through spirituality, meditation, and entheogens.
The pineal is the body's most important gland.
Join Michelle Rodriguez (of Fast and the Furious fame) and Zappy Zapolin as they meet with thought leaders from around the world, including Bruce Lipton, Deepak Chopra, Ram Dass, Marianne Williamson, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Foster Gamble, Gerard Armond Powell, and many more, on their journey to find the reality of truth.


Easter magic mushrooms
0:13 Manna from heaven 0:29 The Reality of Truth intro - my life was about to change 1:26 I call up Deepak Chopra 2:00 Is there a plant sacrament connection? 2:14 Deepak talks about ancient religious possible connection to mushrooms 2:53 Deepak explains that we are all connected and the hallucination of separation 4:03 Could these sacred ancient plants be the solution to our problems? 4:32 Let's help enlighten people 4:45 Did Deepak Chopra tell me to go to Peru and drink ayahuasca tea? 4:58 Gerard Armond Powell's story begins - struggling with addiction and unhappiness 5:33 Who I am - Zappy's story - living the American dream 6:57 We need to change our collective consciousness to solve the world's problems. 7:54 I talked to Deepak's friends about reality 8:07 Marianne Williamson 8:26 Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - beyond the 3 states of consciousness 8:55 Bruce Lipton - reflecting light as a forcefield of energy 10:15 Maharishi Mahesh Yogi - teaches transcendental meditation 11:09 John Hagelin continues Maharishi's teachings 12:03 Dr. Fred Travis 13:36 I talked to religious teachers about meditation 13:56 Joel Osteen 15:20 Peter Coyote talks about his psychedelic experiences 15:36 Fabian Piorkowsky talks about how ayahuasca ceremonies use two separate plants that use chemicals our bodies produce. 16:02 Foster Gamble's movie "Thrive" - Foster talks about changing global consciousness 16:46 Aubrey Marcus talks about his experiences with ayahuasca 17:13 Amazon John Easterling - it's like ten year's of therapy in 7 hours 17:25 Kundalini Yoga icon Gurmukh teaches celebrities 18:44 Tim Booth - these plants are powerful tools 19:46 Dr. Drew Pinsky talks about the medicine 20:08 Dr. Jeff McNairy - 10 to 12 years of psychotherapy in 1 to 2 sessions 20:25 Shiva Rea - insight into plant medicine 21:01 Ram Dass - Richard Alpert - Worked with Timothy Leary at Harvard with psychedelics 21:44 Study shows 60% of alcoholics that took psilocybin were cured of alcoholism 22:24 A talk with Ram Dass 22:54 I decide to take a journey with friends 23:43 San Pedro 24:22 Fredy Puma - Shaman 25:13 Experience the healing effects 25:28 Daniel Macmillan - what drew him 26:14 Adam Singer - plant medicine ceremonies 27:08 We take the journey 27:30 Michelle Rodriguez - her San Pedro experience 28:50 Why suffer? 30:31 20 years of pain lifted 31:22 Enrique Umbert 31:49 Each person has a pattern - ayahuasca can change the pattern 32:38 Day of ayahuasca ceremony 32:49 My ayahuasca experience 33:27 Why do bad things happen? 34:47 Michelle Rodriguez talks about her ayahuasca experience 37:13 Laurent Levy 37:32 The plants will help your will to transform 38:38 Back to reality 38:56 Nature provides healing medicines 39:10 Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - breathing technique 39:54 Altered states of consciousness 40:47 Psychonauts gather 45:35 We should set up a haven for like-minded people in Costa Rica 45:50 Was it making a difference? 46:30 Gerard Armond Powellcalls 46:58 The moon comes to Gerard Armond Powell 47:08 Gerard Armond Powell - addictions - Ibogaine experience helps come to grips with childhood trauma 48:39 Gerard Armond Powell goes back to the moon 50:02 Gerard Armond Powell hasn't touched drugs since 50:14 Brandee Alessandra talks about her experience 51:11 Plant medicine helps Brandee and Gerard Armond Powell find happiness together 52:18 Gerard Armond Powell broke his addiction in 1 plant medicine session and set up a center to expand consciousness, heal, and break addiction 52:52 The moon helps Gerard Armond Powell make the right choices 53:15 Rythmia in Costa Rica 53:46 Rythmia - spiritual growth - Rev. Michael Beckwith "The Answer Is You" 54:44 The miracle you get at Rythmia is the Reality of Truth 55:25 My journey has been worth it 57:33 Plant-based medicine, meditation, and breathing are all tools of ancient spiritual tradition 58:05 Ayahuasca in a clean, safe, and comfortable place 58:11 Credits 1:04:59 
Meditate with Deepak Chopra, Michelle, Zappy, WQ, and friends:

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