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Travel to see life on other planets (video)

Ac Mahaviirananda (Tantric Guru); Editors, Wisdom Quarterly; TheMisterySpot (video)
There are many inhabited worlds even in our own solar system and our milky galaxy.

These are the 13 known extraterrestrial races living on Earth
Wait. There's life on other planets? How can we know that? We can use science and unreliable eyewitnesses. But NASA is not saying a word, at least no officially.

Recently, in India there arose a guru who considered himself an avatar of Shiva and Krishna, a modern incarnation of benevolence out to help humankind.

His name was Shri Shri Anandamurti ("Holy Holy Bliss Embodiment," born Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar) and he began a devotional moral religion of yoga, meditation, and social service called Ananda Marga ("Path of Bliss," anandamarga.org).

Baba: Shri Shri Anandamurti (PK Sarkar)
The Margis called him "Baba," a loving title with different definitions in different languages and regions of India but generally understood as "Father." He was becoming very famous, performing miracles of a type usually attributed to Jesus of Nazareth (who spent his "lost years" training in India according to written records found by Westerner Nicolas Notovitch).

His followers organized meetings, darshana (viewing the guru, vision of the divine), where he would give a talk and a demonstration of magic -- miracles, yogic marvels, healings, and explanations about the world.

Baba had many good things to say about the Buddha and seemed to be on a similar mission though Baba is little regarded today by most of the world. They were born on the same day (millennia apart), and Baba lived in the state where the Buddha reached enlightenment and spread the Dharma...
Here is one astounding incident relating to life on other planets as recounted by Acarya ["teacher"] Mahaviirananda Avadhuta (an "apostle" or "direct disciple") in the fascinating book The Tantric Guru: Enchanting Stories of His Life (2nd ed., 2011, Ananda Marga Publications, Ananda Nagar, India).
A Demonstration of Death (pp.43-44)

When the Ananda Marga mission began, Baba used to give general darshana (viewing the teacher) in Jamalpur (Bihar, India) every Sunday. Margis would attend from different places, and some would stay at the Jamalpur jagrti (mission house).
On November 21, 1954, the darshana room was full of sadhakas (devotees). Baba requested a devotee, "Come here, sit in lotus posture, and close your eyes..." The devotee did as he was asked.

The body moves by vital airs with energy centers.
Then Baba said, "I order your apana vayu [vital "air," spiritus, "holy spirit," life force energy, chi, prana responsible for elimination] to cross samana vayu ["vital air" responsible for digestion, metabolism, heat regulation]; now to to prana vayu [responsible for beating heart and breathing and moving energy to every cell of the body]." The devotee started breathing heavily. Next Baba said, "Prana vayu, merge with udana vayu ["air" responsible for speech]."

The the devotee made strange sounds and fell to the ground. Baba asked a doctor who was sitting there, "Is there life in him?" The doctor replied, "No, Baba."

Baba explained, "There is still life in his body. A person will die only when the prana vayu leaves the body."

He asked everyone present, "Do not tell him what I have done in this demonstration. Some of you, massage his body."

Then Baba left the hall and went into another room. Half an hour later, Baba returned and called everyone into the room. Everyone was wondering what He would do next.

With His right toe, Baba touched the sahasrara chakra of the devotee on whom He had earlier performed the demonstration. The devotee opened his eyes and Baba asked him, "Who are you?"
He replied, "I am Shyama Charan Lahiri [the name of a great yogi who passed away in 1895, a disciple of Mahavatar Babaji made famous by Paramahansa Yogananda in his spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi].

Baba asked, "Why have you come here?"

He replied, "You gave me an order to come and save the body [of this man]."

Life on other planets?
Ananda Marga devotees engage in devotional practices, yoga, meditation, social service.
There is a lot of ancient archeology on wet Mars today, like this statue of a female.

Baba said, "Now that you have come, you can do a little more work. Just now, go to the planet Mars and see if there is life there."

Then the videhi mind [let us say the "projected astral body"] of Lahiri went to Mars and said, "There is no life there [at least not visibly on the surface]."

Then Baba asked, "What is there, then?"

Lahiri replied, "There is only water, and in some places there is land that is muddy because of the water."

Baba then instructed him, "Now you can go to the moon and tell us what is there."

He said, "There is a vast desert and mountains."

Baba asked him, "Is there any life?"

He replied, "There is no life [at least not on the surface]. There is a lack of oxygen on the moon, but there are gold mines."

After that, Baba told him, "Now go to Venus."

Lahiri said, "There are human beings there who are reddish in color [like Ancient Egyptians?] and are more developed than the human beings on Earth."

Baba told him, "Return to Earth and go to the USA, Russia, Tibet, and the Himalayas, and tell everyone what you see there."

After that Baba thanked the videhi mind of Lahiri and told it to leave the devotee's body.

The devotee then appeared to be dead again. Baba knew that all of the devotees in the room were upset by this, so He gave the order, "Wherever the sadhaka's videhi mind is in this cosmos, it must come to Earth, to India, to Bihar, to Jamalpur, and right tothis place."

Then Baba ordered all of the devotee's vayus to function properly, and after a while he opened his eyes.

Baba asked him, "Why do you feel dull?"

He replied, "Baba, I got up a little late this morning. That's why."

Baba told him, "Do not take dinner tonight; just drink some warm [liquid] just before you sleep."

The next day the same Margi was with Baba again. Baba scolded and punished him because he got married without informing Baba, even though in the past Baba had told him not to do this.

His life was destined [by karmic force not by chance "fate"] to be short and that is why Baba called him to Jamalpur and used him to demonstrate the process of death. This demonstration exhausted his samskaras for a short life, and Baba then revived him and extend his life. [The end]

Is there life on other planets?
In another story (p. 60), Baba stares at space and explains that the "ideology" (Teachings of Ananda Marga, the Good Word) have already been spread to 49 other worlds in space, but there are countless more to go. Baba sent 40 "apostles" (avadhutas) out into the world(s). He will go there to teach until many more worlds hear the "Timeless Teachings" (Sanatana dharma, "Eternal Truth") established there again, an aspiration very similar to Buddhism and, one imagines, any universal doctrine or missionary tradition.

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