Thursday, November 9, 2017

Sexual energy and higher consciousness (video)

Teal Swan; AngelStarCreations; Ashley Wells, CC Liu, Crystal Quintero (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

(TheLipTV) Ritual Sexual Slavery and Unlocked Consciousness with Teal Swan

Hurt people hurt people. We're not innocent.
Buzzsaw hosted by Sean Stone: Teal Swan shares her experience as a Spiritual Catalyst and survivor of ritual Mormon sexual abuse in an uncensored interview that explores mind-control, awareness, and overcoming dark forces. Questions of evil, power, and the hierarchy of selves or souls -- if they even exist -- plus seeing auras and the ways that clairvoyance is misunderstood and exploited are shared.

Harvey, my man! Aah, you got caught!
With all of the horrifying Harveyesque (Weinsteinian) revelations in the news -- Charlie Sheen homosexually child molested Corey Haim, allegedly, and Corey Feldman knows it and will reveal it and other Hollywood atrocities in a movie... Like Louis C.K. (not to be confused with gorgeous Louie Anderson who has a glandular condition) did Harveyed in front of women but has now been kind enough to confess it and seek treatment, after losing his career and all his recent projects.
Quiet down, Don. I'm not out of the woods yet.
Weinstein raped many women (allegedly), and soon various police agencies will charge him. Hollywood director James Toback did more to more women than Miramax's infamous Harvey Weinstein, while perhaps being a little less gross.

Bill Cosby is still awaiting trial for rape. In line to replace Jeff Sessions, one Republican candidate for US Senate, who is a judge and fundamentalist Christian outlaw anti-gay crusader (former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore), raped a 14-year-old child in the Deep South and molested three other teens while serving the court...with many more revelations to come.

Washington DC and Hollywood CA are cesspools of pedophilia, molestation rings, workplace harassment, sexual abuse, induced and forcible rape, ritual satanic abuse, and worse. Miley Cyrus is sex provocateur her dad, Billy Ray, could hardly stay appropriate with, and she's a reptilian shapeshfiter. Can sex be saved in our Puritan/hypocritical USA?
There's an alt!
Sexual energy is a way for us to connect with the Divine [deva dimension or realms]. Utilizing this kundalini energy in the proper way will enable us to feel a sense of oneness and balance and harmonize our chakras or energy nexus wheels. This channel has more spiritual awakening videos (visit website at and

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