Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Apple iPhones are spying on bras and breasts!

Kelly Ani, Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly; diyphotography.net
I knew that piece of s**t iPhone was spying on me! Damn Apple Inc. and US spying agencies!

I don't like this, don't like it at all!
Apple’s Photos [spying] app is capable of detecting almost 4,500 different scenes and objects [like breasts and nude photos] using image-recognition technology.

But recently, a user discovered that the app also knows what a bra looks like.

So it recognizes and tags all your photos in a bra, making them all viewable in one place. Since no AI is perfect, this one isn’t either.

Some users have reported that the app also placed their nude or sexual photos in the “bra” category.
The Twitter user @ellieeewbu discovered this on her iPhone and posted about it, which resulted in almost 15,000 retweets, nearly 29,000 likes, and over a thousand replies:

As you can see, the trick is to type in “brassiere,” and you’ll get to see all the photos in a bra. In the replies, you can see some users sharing their results, and it seems the image recognition tech is generally quite accurate. [It knows what a t*t is.] However, a few girls reported that the tag was also applied to their nude photos and photos of them having sex. It turns out this category has existed for over a year now. More.

Stealing breast pics from the cloud, iPads...

Lana Del Rey bra, no iPhone
Apple isn't saving bra photos for itself -- but your iPhone is looking at your boobs (thenextweb.com, Oct. 31, 2017 ...The world discovered yesterday that the iPhone, which sorts pictures to categories all by itself without being asked, has a folder specifically for brassiere pictures. It should say breasts because there are bikini shots, heavy cleavage, even nudes of YOU in it.

Why Apple automatically catalogues the bra photos on your iPhone (telegraph.co.uk) Apple's iOS Photos app automatically catalogues photos of bras and... Check with the photo album search bar and see what photos of you Apple has saved...
OMG, they'll say I'm a w...
Apple has been categorizing all your "brassiere" photos for over a... (theverge.com) in the Photos app on iPhones categorizes photos featuring bras... Anyone can see them and your breasts because your photos are stored on the cloud, [which is easier to hack than your borrowed or stolen phone]. 

Apple catalogs bra photos on iOS 10 (dailycaller.com) Several iPhone owners are starting to notice that Apple has been spotting, segregating, and storing YOUR bra-related photos... guys wtf this is so scary[!] 

I spy with my iPhone. So do you.
iPhone does NOT have a secret folder of your sexy selfies [oh, wait, yes it does, sort of] (express.co.uk) Some iPhone, iPad, and iOS users were left fearing there's a folder of all the pictures they've taken in their bra and lingerie [and sexting, and nudes, and Apple knows what else] stored on the cloud or their phone... 

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