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Lost Race of the Giants: The Mystery...

Patrick Chouinard; Diego Rivers, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly; Steve Quayle

Drawing: actual six-fingered, red headed giant taken down in Afghanistan (Steve Quayle)
Giants in space: bas-relief of Samudra manthan from Angkor Wat, Cambodia, shows Vishnu in the center, in his Kurma avatar, with the asuras and the devas on either side (Wiki).

Lost Race of the Giants: The Mystery of Their Culture, Influence, and Decline Throughout the World
Lost Race of the Giants (Patrick Chouinard)
This is an exploration of mythological and archaeological evidence for prehistoric giants. As such it:
  • examines the many corresponding giant mythologies throughout the world, such as the Greek and Roman titans, Norse frost giants, and the biblical Nephilim 
  • reveals recent finds of giant skeletons in the deserts of Saudi Arabia and India 
  • explains how giants passed on their sophisticated culture and civilization to humanity before being wiped out in the great age of cataclysms and floods.
Giants are a cornerstone of the myths, legends, and traditions of almost every culture on Earth.

Stories of giants are often considered fantasies of the ancients or primitive attempts to explain natural phenomena.

The Annunaki, the "gods from above" - Mesopotamian cylinder seal (Walters/wiki)
But archaeological discoveries of 10- and 12-foot skeletons -- many of which have been suppressed [particularly by the consortium that calls itself the Smithsonian] -- confirm the existence of a forgotten golden age of giants before recorded history.
Author Patrick Chouinard examines the staggering number of corresponding giant mythologies throughout the world, such as the:
Annunaki: four copper-alloy foundation figures dating to circa 2130 BCE, depicting four ancient Mesopotamian gods, wearing characteristic horned crowns (wiki).
Rebel angels by H. Bosch (Gen 6:1-4)
and the multitude of myths in which our sky or world is held aloft on the shoulders of a giant.

Chouinard links these stories to Atlantis as well as other legends of prehistoric civilizations lost to cataclysm and great floods, whose survivors spawned the rise of ancient civilizations. 

The author reveals how physical remains of giant-size peoples have been found on almost every continent.

Included are recent finds in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and northern India as well as hundreds of excavations of giant mummies and skeletons across the United States, corresponding directly with Native American accounts of red-haired giants. 

He also examines reports from famous explorers such as Magellan, Sir Francis Drake, and Desoto of their encounters with giants on the North American continent. 

Revealing how giants represent the true earth-born race, Chouinard explains how they engaged in open conflict with the extraterrestrial gods, who created humanity for forced labor, and how they passed their sophisticated culture and civilization on to humanity before being nearly wiped out in the great age of cataclysms. More

No one knows more about giants than Christian fanatic Steve Quayle

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