Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Studying at The Elf School of Iceland

Magnus Skarphedinsson (; Amber Larson, Dhr. Seven, Wisdom Quarterly
Tuatha De Danann ("People of the Goddess Danu"), Ireland's history/mythology of fairies

Elf school in Los Angeles
REYKJAVIK, Iceland - Interested in elves? Did you know that [by their own admission at least] 54% of the Icelandic nation believes that elves exist?
Would you love to spend one pleasant afternoon listening to true stories of friendship between elves and hidden people (Huldufolk) and Icelanders in recent times?

Would you like to eat Icelandic pancakes and drink tea while listening? If so the Elfschool might be for you.
“Particularly fascinating”
Elf School Headmaster M. Skarphedinsson
“We enjoyed the Elfschool very much. The school lived up to my expectations since I was interested in learning more about how elves and hidden people are a part of Icelandic culture and history. The retelling of the stories of elf encounters was particularly fascinating... I would have enjoyed listening to this for a much longer time. The pancakes and coffee during the break was very nice also.”
-Eivind Jensen, USA

“Special...A must if you like folklore”
It's true, it's all true, claims Skarphedinsson.
“Magnus [Skarphedinsson] is one of the most interesting people I have ever had the pleasure of spending time with. His wealth of knowledge and stories and history is only overpowered by his obvious passion for his job and life work; collecting witness accounts of the supernatural.

My family spent 5 hours with him in his cozy classroom listening and discussing everything from elves to [space] aliens to religion to history and personal beliefs and experiences.

We were only interrupted once so we could enjoy cake, leaf bread, tea, and coffee. I highly recommend this experience for anyone looking for a very unique experience who loves storytelling. Definitely was a highlight of my trip, and I am telling all my friends to make time for this attraction!!!”
- Kelsey, USA (December 2017)
“Learn about the world of the Unknown!”
Buddhism's 31 Planes of Existence
“For the beginning, Magnus is a really nice and funny man. You need to have a good humor, especially when you are from Germany or the States. Or if you a Republican ;). We talked about hidden people, elves, and many more....It was really nice, and I would recommend it to everybody!” More
- Gerhard, Germany (September 2017)

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