Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The end is near...for SLAYER (video)

The musick that garners the most dedicated following is metal, extremely heavy metal, pounding, crushing, grinding, punk-infused hardcore thrash and black (i.e., Satanic) metal. One of the few bands everyone could agree on was L.A.'s Slayer, the only guys who weren't [wusses] worried about their hair or image. Ga'ttellica? No thanks. Ironic Maiden? Maybe. Slayer? For sure. Now it's all coming to an a venue near you, the final world tour. Let's let dead Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols make the announcement: "And now, the end is near...but I did it my way." Wait, no Dave Lombardo (original drummer) or Jeff Hanneman the guitarist who died of creeping flesheating death (necrotizing fasciitis)? What's the point? Half a Slayer is better than most other whole bands. And if they make a lot of money, they're sure to record and release another album. Then they'll have to tour for that. They may not be breaking up, but the world will probably end before they can play and play again. Their local farewell show will be at FivePoint Amphitheatre in OC on May 11, 2018. It's been 35 years, so in memory, here's one of their first ever shows in Hollywood when they were a year old and willing to "Fight Till Death."

LYRICS: Metal and men clash once more to the end / Warriors above with power to kill descend / Militia of blood troops of hate march to die / Soldiers of hell veterans of death arise / [Chorus:] Prepare for attack / Your bodies will burn / Endless war / There's no return / Prepare for attack / Death will arrive / Your orders are clear / No way to hide / Fight till death / Senseless death of all mankind overtakes / Armored assassins destroy at will your escape / Children of sorrow are trampled onto the grave / There is no future no f*cking world to be saved / [Chorus] / To reign in hell / Gods of steel unleash their destruction on man / Reign of death what is the final command / Scepters of hate are dropped upon this earth / Clouds of terror destroy all hope of rebirth / [Chorus] / Fight till death.

The replacement guy, Gary Holt, shows how smart he is.

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