Wednesday, April 3, 2019

How entities move through dimensions (video)

Linda Moulton Howe (Earthfiles), Alexis Brooks via UAMN TV, 6/17/18; Wisdom Quarterly
When magnetic fields collapse, they (monsters, aliens, fairies, shapeshifters) come through.

LMH reveals how portals work
Journalist and paranormal researcher Linda Moulton Howe reveals some very strange news on the sporadic anomalous collapsing of magnetic fields in special places around the world. The government is blocking these collapses, which happen naturally and by the use of advanced technology, to keep transdimensional (interdimensional) beings out of this reality. Some scientists are so adamant about stopping natural phenomena that machines are installed to keep the magnetic force fields up to stop intrusions. If they did not "things" would come through these temporarily collapsed fields. Howe reveals that these strange phenomena are portals -- that allows alien beings (such as "demons" and "angels"), asuras, devas, Sasquatches, gnomes (kumbandhas), reptilians (nagas), and other creatures to enter and exit our reality at will in an instant unless they are blocked.

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