Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sex-linked: Men, Women, Emotions

M.K. Jones (
Most of us have heard a woman make the common complaint that the man in her life is emotionally unavailable, or if she’s still unattached, that she's developed a pattern of forming doomed relationships with emotionally unavailable men, as though there were some sort of sliding scale of emotional availability and the secret to a happy relationship is a man whose emotions are easily accessible.

The reality, however, is that, generally speaking, all men are emotionally unavailable relative to women. Further, if women accepted this fact and even embraced it as a positive difference that separates men and women, instead of bemoaning men's apparent lack of emotion as compared to (most) women’s more open style of emotional expression, they might find more happiness and fulfillment within their relationships with men. At the same time, men could feel more appreciated for their strengths rather than being the brunt of blame for their emotional deficits as well as their restraint in sharing their feelings. More>>