Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jain Love Story (celibate nun elopes)

"Missing" [female ascetic] found, had eloped to get married
Times of India

AHMEDABAD, India -- When Kiran Pandya got his sister's call from the city of Mehsana, he could not believe his ears. Pandya, who stormed the Jain fraternity in the city along with police, was shocked to know that his beloved sister, who had taken to Jainism and gotten diksha at the age of 9, now shunned the holy life to marry a youth from the community.

According to sources, Pandya was in the city for last three days searching for his missing sister. Talking to the Times of India (TOI) on Tuesday, Pandya raised questions about the safety and whereabouts of Mahasatiji Ojasvinibai, 28.

"In the wake of strange incidents happening with sadhus and sadhvis [male and female ascetics] of Jainism, I fear that she might have been abducted."

...Jain sangh members told TOI that [the female ascetic] Ojasvinibai met Mr. Ashish Bhavsar, a youth from Viramgam while on Chaturmaas (the four-month Rains Retreat, when ascetics stay at one place) at Mehsana. It was mutual attraction, according to the duo, who decided to get married. As per plan, she left the upashraya and the world of religion behind and donned the new identity of Archana. The duo then went to Bali in Rajasthan for a civil marriage in front of the marriage registrar. More>>


(eJainism.org) Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Vasumati. She was the daughter of King Dadhivahan and Queen Dharini of the city of Champapuri.

One day a war broke out between King Dadhivahan and the king of nearby Kosambi. Dadhivahan was defeated and had to run away in despair. When Princess Vasumati and Queen Dharini learned of the defeat, they also decided to escape.

While they were running away a soldier from the enemy army spotted and captured them. Princess Vasumati and her mother were scared not knowing what the soldier would do to them. He told the queen that he would marry her and that he would sell Vasumati. Upon hearing this, the queen went into shock and died.

The soldier immediately felt sorry for his remarks and decided not to make any more comments. He took Vasumati to Kosambi to sell her. When it was Vasumati's turn to be sold in the slave market... More>>