Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Going for Rogue: Buddhists for Sarah Palin?

Jerry Kolber (ThreeDollarDinner) more at The Interdependence Project (

Some Buddhists love Barack Obama (a Buddha-like politician). Could others feel the same for pseudo-feminist Sarah Palin? Would they consider going for refuge? Her book Going Rogue has just come out. And she's using the release as another opportunity to prove why she is just another in a long line of folks who have squandered the power of having national attention.

Rather than looking deep into the unifying ideas of her own Christian tradition and transforming her fear, selfishness, and separateness into a positive force in national politics, she continues to peddle and parade...her insecurities in the guise of false morality.

What made her famous a year ago, after going crazy before going rogue (TPM TV)

She does this all while watching over her shoulder for the scantily clad shadow figure of baby daddy Levi Johnston [who's now appearing nude in Playgirl magazine]. This is a great thing for Buddhists.... I am considering starting a club where anyone can come offer compassion to metamorphose anger at public figures into something useful and transformative -- the "Buddhists for Sarah Palin" club. Anyone want to join?

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