Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sri Lanka-Burma ties strenghtened

( Burmese support Lankan initiative to spread Buddhism in Germany: This photograph was taken at a public meeting held in Colombo in 1954 to raise funds for the Buddhist mission to Germany. Burmese Ambassador U Ba Lwin and Ven. U. Seelananda Thera are here.

The forthcoming visit of Myanmar’s Head of State and Chairman of the State Peace and Development Council, Senior General Than Shwe, marks another milestone in the historical relations between Sri Lanka and Myanmar. This will be the first visit of a Burmese Head of State here since the visit of General Ne Win in December 1962 to take part in a meeting of leaders of several non-aligned countries to bring about a peaceful solution to the Sino-Indian conflict that broke out the same year over a border dispute.

Prime Minister Sirima Bandaranaike hosted the Conference that later became known as the "Colombo Summit." More>>