Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Beauty Queen Writes a Book

Palin blasts sexy "sexist" Newsweek cover
(WQ) The magazine's cover exploiting the best thing about Palin, which is certainly not her book-writing skills or public political persona, angered the former beauty queen (pictured left) who is trying to be taken seriously as a significant voice in the Republican party. You would think she has no chance at a presidential run, but the selection process by Oprah and other movers and shakers is up in the air. After all, the role of the US presidency is not to wield power but rather to draw attention away from it. And she's supremely good at that. Brazil miniskirt woman soaks up fame - "Out of context" - TV offers - Allies, enemies in book

Newsweek Coverage of Buddhism

Tibetan Buddhism: Learning To Let Go
…protest the war, she became interested in Buddhism. But by the time she graduated from college: Go to Nepal and study Buddhism or join the Black Panthers and fight? Everything in her life changed. Buddhism taught her compassion and self-acceptance… (Anne Underwood).
Armies of the Enlightened
Throughout Asia, Buddhism is growing fast, playing an increasingly political — and, in some spots, militant — role. (Christian Caryl).
An Ancient Glory Rises
One of the great schools of antiquity — Buddhism's Nalanda University — is being rebuilt in India. (Sudip Mazumdar).
Defenders of the Faith
…science. It's not just Collins; consider the words of the Dalai Lama: "If science proves some belief of Buddhism wrong, then Buddhism will have to change." Americans have serious problems with science, and religion is definitely part of…
One Idea After Another
…and ends with a neurologist explaining why some brains turn sounds into mental paintings. In between, big thinkers touch on Buddhism, the animal brain, and the cellular response to emotional experiences. Taken together, the speakers articulate a multi-layered… (Jesse Ellison).
The Quiet Revolutionary
…and unruffled, draws inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi (no relation) and, like his sister, Priyanka, takes an interest in Buddhism and has attended teachings by the Dalai Lama. He meticulously seeks out different points of view before coming to a decision… (Sudip Mazumdar).
A Matter of Faith
Thai Buddhism is under fire and its leaders are offering the faithful little more than empty prayers. (Joe Cochrane).
Tibet’s Rising Son
…the more intriguing rituals of Tibetan Buddhism, a search committee of monks interprets augury, dreams interview. The rituals of Tibetan Buddhism approximate those of a medieval court…Karmapa is also from a rival school of Buddhism, the Kagyu, a small order known colloquially… (Patrick Symmes).
Huston Smith’s Wonderful Life
…tradition. There are eight: Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Islam, Judaism…his world, at least) Christianity, Buddhism, and a little bit of Confucianism were enmeshed….He studied Zen Buddhism. When asked whether all great religions… (Lisa Miller).
Therapist in Chief
…witty, this statement is simply untrue. Buddhism is nontheistic....otherwise is to miss the point of Buddhism by an embarrassing mile. Jeff Fuller…is a spiritual leader of one sect of Buddhism, but politically is a deposed feudal…

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