Monday, December 28, 2009

Laos schools turn Garbage into Money

AHMEDABAD, India (Dec. 28, 2009) - The way to go is green, and these kids are learning it young. Children from a Laos school are turning garbage into money. And another group from Thailand learns that planting trees as part of its curriculum.

Participating in 17th National Children's Science Congress, three students representing School for Gifted Students and Preparatory Studies, Laos is saving the environment by recycling most garbage collected on campus, says Savina Romyen.

They are part of the 10-member delegation from Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries. "We have four dustbins in distinct colours to segregate collected waste. These items are either recycled, re-used and used for creating manure," adds Romyen. Another student, Fongher Herjalearn says, "In a month time, we collected more than 5 kg of plastic, which earned us 2,000 Lao kip."

Another four delegations from Thailand are all for planting trees. Pasu Loung Alarm, Bodin Luangtrirat, and Apiradee Chonwatthanakin presented a model of tree plantations embedded in their school curriculum. "Every year 3,000 students are admitted to our school, and each of them has to plant a tree on campus and take care of them throughout their study period," says Apiradee.

She adds that the model has been so successful that now students are encouraged to plant trees in their localities. Source

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