Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ordaining Buddhist Nuns Again

Bhikkhuni Ordination
Regarding the current Buddhist nun (bhikkhuni) ordination excitement in Ajahn Chah’s Sangha and the resulting excommunication of Ajahn Brahm (left), the following Dhammapada verse comes to mind:

Other’s faults are easy to see
Yet hard it is to see one’s own,
And so one winnows just like chaff
The faults of other people, while
Hiding away those of one’s own
As crafty cheat the losing throw
(Dhp. 252).

When such a great number of contemporary monks show such a plain disregard for even the most basic precepts, it seems like a joke that they would so vehemently oppose bhikkhuni ordinations pointing towards the Vinaya and tradition. More>>

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