Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Yoga popular among US athletes

Yoga and Buddhism
There are yoga asanas [poses] that can help the physical and mental aspects of your meditation. And your work as a meditator can enrich your practice as a yogi. These classic teachings from the pages of the Shambhala Sun and Buddhadharma magazines will help you to engage and enhance both yogic and Buddhist practices, individually and together.

(David Frawley) Yoga and Buddhism are sister traditions that evolved in the same spiritual culture of ancient India. They use many of the same terms and follow many of the same principles and practices. For this reason it is not surprising that many of us born in the West, particularly after an initial exposure, are apt to regard yoga and Buddhism as more or less the same. The differences that have existed between the two systems historically are less obvious to us than their commonalities. Those who study Buddhism may find so much similarity in yoga that they will see a strong Buddhist influence on yoga. Those who study yoga may find so much similarity in Buddhism that they will see a strong yogic influence on Buddhism. However, the tendency to find commonality between these two great spiritual traditions is not limited to the West. More>>

Yoga becoming popular among American athletes
Nevada, USA -- Many American athletes are reportedly adopting a yoga practice. Ray Lewis (pictured), the famous American linebacker from the Baltimore Ravens, reportedly told the Chicago media: "I'm talking about hour-and-a-half yoga classes at times. And the crazy part about it is, once you actually get into it a good two or three times, you really miss if you don't do it. It stretches you that much." More>>

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