Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Recollection of Death

October is "Monster Month" on Wisdom Quarterly
Bhante G, (Meditation on Death, Maranussati)

Like a flame blown out by the wind, this life-continuum goes to destruction. Recognizing one's similarities to others, one should develop mindfulness of death.

Just as people who have achieved great success in the world have died, so too I must certainly die. Death is harassing me.

Death always come along together with birth, searching for an opportunity, like a murderer out to kill. Not the least bit stoppable, always going forward, life rushes towards its end, like the rising sun to its setting.

Like lightning, a bubble, dew drops, or a line drawn in the water, life cannot last. Death is like a murderer after a foe, completely unrestrainable.

Death slays those great in glory, in strength, merit, powers, and wisdom, and even the two kinds of conquerors. No need to speak about one like me.

Due to a lack of the supports of life or to some inner or outer misfortune, I who am dying moment after moment can die in the blink of an eye.

The life of mortals is signless; its length cannot be known in advance. It is difficult and limited and tied up with suffering. There is no possibility that mortals shall not die. Having reached old age they die. Such is the nature of living beings.

As fruit, when ripe, has to fall, so all beings live constantly in the fear that they will die. As a potter’s earthen jars eventually must all break up, so too does the life of mortals eventually come to an end. [And just as certain as death, one will be reborn -- again, and again, and again.]

The young and the old, the foolish and the wise, all move in the grip of death; all finally end in death. More>>

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