Saturday, October 9, 2010

UFO sightings keep coming (video)

( Alan Boyle writes: What is it with these UFO reports from China? Even though sightings of unidentified flying objects [U.F.O.s] were initially reported weeks or months ago, the stories just keep generating headlines — for example, this week in The Sun, a notorious British tabloid. That report is apparently related to a September 11 sighting, whic led to the diversion of airline flights to Baotou (or what The Sun refers to as the city of "Bootee") in Inner Mongolia, as reported later by People's Daily Online. More>>

This July 2010 photo, provided to China Daily, is an illusion. You're not really seeing what you're seeing. This is not a UFO over Hangzhou. End of discussion.

What to do about UFO sightings

Everybody knows there's no such thing as a "UFO." Everything in the sky is identified. There's nothing unidentified about saucer-shaped craft doing speed-of-light loopty loops or hovering silently. That Chinese picture above, uh, that's just, that's just a "time exposure delay" of a regular airplane, yeah that's what it is. The experts agree. Experts, people. So don't worry about it. Stop looking up. Have you seen your shoes lately? Why don't go shopping for a new pair? And for Brahma's sakes, put those camcorders and cameras away. You're just making yourself look stupid and crazy! Are we supposed to believe in "Hello Kitty" space people? We are all there is. There can't be anything more. We're special. We're in the Goldilocks Zone. Get used to it, alone in the empty blackness of space with nothing to look for. And once you get used to it, get back to work and shut up. Oh, no job due to the economy? In that case then just shut up. Buddhism is about peace, man, not getting to the truth about life.

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