Wednesday, October 6, 2010

UFO over Airport; Sea life Census; Diet Help

UFO sighting over China (ABC) Video: UFO sighting shut down China airport

Officials closed a runway at an airport in Inner Mongolia due to mysterious bright lights. Military tests in the area - Famous UFO sightings - UFOs disarmed weapons? - Satellite blinded

Dragonfish (AP), Eaugaptilis hyperboreus (AP), Transparent sea cucumber (AP), Sunflower Sea Stars (AFP), Scorpionfish (AFP) Astonishing discovery from marine census

What amazes scientists isn’t so much one odd creature but how all sea life is connected. Then the oil spill came. Species count revealed - Wild creatures sighted - Climate change voyage - Smallest sea creatures

French Spice Market (Thinkstock) Five spices that can help you lose weight

A little cinnamon every day helps reduce blood sugar and "bad" cholesterol. How spicy foods encourage fat-burning - Seven diet-wrecking foods - Cinnamon for diabetes - Diet myths to ignore

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