Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Meet Me in Space (Molestation, Astral Travel)

Meet me in Space
Deobroah King's Hay House Radio show is today and every Wednesday (2:00 pm PST). This week is all about astral travel -- the perfect time to invite listeners to join her in space! Not the familiar outer space, but cyber space. This is about community! A new Facebook page is up for conversations about healing, sharing traumatic childhood stories, and connecting. Download FREE audio and PDFs about psychic warfare and energy vampires: LINK
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First-person: Child Molestation
Dr. King's book Truth Heals is an expose of the childhood sexual abuse she experienced as a child.

This happened at the hands of her father and a member of the Catholic clergy. Each chapter deals with a chakra (energy center) and how blockages lead to common diseases.

Along with the groundbreaking work of Dr. Gabor Mate, Burton Goldberg (cure depression), Dr. Hyla Cass, Byron Katie, and Eckhart Tolle... we are seeing that thoughts are things. We have contol of them, and when we do not exercise that control, we are at the mercy of compulsive thinking and suffer the predictable health consequences.

Our society has a taboo about molestation -- not about doing it. Our taboo is about talking about it.

"Rare is the five year old who understands the meaing of the world vocation, and yet I was quite certain of mine -- to be a nun. Parading around in a makeshift habit fashioned out of sheets and a giant rosary tied around my waist, I'd slip a pebble in my shoe and put a piec of burlap against my skin for penance. Envious of the altar boys who were learning Latin, I hid in the choir loft during their lessons and mastered the language of the Mass in secret. One rainy day when I was eight, I went to my favorite hiding spot in the choir loft during lunch recess.

"I pictured the Virgin Mary before me and closed my eyes in prayer. When I heard Father Fitzgerald's footsteps on the stairs, I knew this meant trouble.

"'What are you doing up here, my child?' he asked. I darted for the stairs, but he caught me by a braid. He held me in place, one alabaster hand on each arm. He smelled like fried potatoes. His long black cassock was button all the way to the floor; his black shoes were as shiny his greasy hair. 'You little temptress,' he whispered. 'I know you've been tempting your father, bless his soul. It is my duty to straighten you out.' He [molested her].

"The Virgin Mary appeared before me. The folds of her gown rippled like waves as she came close. A bright blue light sparkled all around her. After some time, she disappeared. I was once again alone."

Eat well. Purify intentions. Focus on the Buddha (or similar figure). Meditate for a few hours. The best time for astral projecting is between 2:00 am and sunrise (which varies). Breath manipulation (prana-yama) is a great preparatory exercise. Slip into other dimensions. Then Buddhist texts dealing with other worlds can be read as literal. Shifting back to "waking consciousness" takes 10 to 15 minutes. Write down what can be remembered, meeting guides or questions asked, because memories will fade just as with dreams.

Deborah King: Psychic Attack & Energy Vampires

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