Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ksitigarba, Autism, Kelethian (Facebook)

You know you're doing something right when a clever person understands. Thank you, Kelethian, for restoring our faith, or... Well, intelligent readers will understand. 
"Lutz Psykanon (Cutter)" (cutter?) wrote recently to say: I love your sarcasm in this piece: How to give your kid AUTISM (video).
Psychiatrists (who are coming from a bad egocentric Western position to start with) get paid by the parents, so they have absolutely no interest in picking apart the parents. Instead, the kid becomes the scapegoat.
The immediate cause of the visit to said shrink [is] usually related to a nasty divorce or a mother with Munchausens by Proxy (MBPS). Or both. Thanks to this, I worried that I had autism for years. My parents pathologized EVERYTHING I did, even spirituality and especially any sparks I threw off related to that.
Kind Ksitigarbha is cool.
Turns out I was born awakened, and the reason I went through all that crap is that I'm a Ksitigharba emanation.... Realizing this was like going from forward to reverse at 200 mph -- not comfortable at all. Especially because it happened last year.

Ask me how I figured this out -- and I can substantiate my claims here. [I'm] not discounting actual cases of autism, but I have to wonder how many other kids are being brainwashed and suppressed like I was.

Hey, Kelethian, can you substantiate your claims here? Entheogens must really be nice. :)


Anonymous said...

Sheesh, so are you interested in hearing the rest of the story or not? - Kelethian

Anonymous said...

Before i knew what it was, i was capable of dream and bardo yoga, as well as radiance. No entheogens were involved.

However, as a result of so many self-induced mystical experiences, i have come to study the serotonin subsystem responsible.

Anonymous said...

So its been 3 years and this egotistical dingcockle hasnt responded to me.