Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New clues into the Mysteries of Dark Matter?

Wisdom Quarterly "DARK MATTER IS A FANTASY FILL-IN EXPLANATION"; Dennis Overbye (, Apr. 3, 2013), Science Reporters and Editors, Science desk on Facebook)
The vast mystery of space, or akasha deva loka ("space plane of shining ones") in Buddhist cosmology (Orion Nebula by GreasyGrandma/Sans.toi/
Bad Astronomy (
The dark side of the universe is whispering, but scientists are still not sure what it is saying.
Samuel Ting, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT] and a Nobel laureate particle physicist, said Wednesday that his $1.6 billion cosmic ray experiment on the International Space Station had found evidence of  “new physical phenomena” that could represent dark matter, the mysterious stuff that [desperate mainstream scientists say] serves as the gravitational foundation for galaxies and whose identification would rewrite some of the laws of physics.
We're whistling in the dark; old theories fail us.
The results, he said, confirmed previous reports that local interstellar space is crackling with an unexplained abundance of high energy particles, especially positrons, the antimatter version of the familiar electrons that comprise electricity and chemistry. They could be colliding particles of dark matter. Or they could be could be coming from previously undiscovered pulsars or other astronomical monsters, throwing off wild winds of radiation.

The tantalizing news is that even with the new data, physicists cannot tell yet which is the right answer... More

Hiding the Truth even as it's Found
Wisdom Quarterly (COMMENTARY)
Why do comfortable, well paid scientists keep promoting dubious fantasies and outright frauds like the all-explaining "God particle" (Higgs boson), cheating Stephen Hawking out of a cool Benjamin, gravity as inexplicable, physics as that reducible nonsense in last year's textbooks, free energy as "impossible" and "contrary to immutable laws," and so on? Discover something real, and one of two fates awaits you -- be defunded and die in obscurity or possibly utter ignominy.

Or, if you're lucky, be swept up in a black budget project, be taken to one of many secret underground labs, get unlimited funding to do real research for the benefit of the military-industrial complex, and perhaps be exposed to reverse-engineered technology from odd artifacts that have fallen out of the sky all mysterious like.
Which fate is worse, dying out (while being laughed at) or selling out (while drinking to be able to live with yourself)? There are few other choices. "Go along to get along" has become the order of the day in the science community.

Secretly read up and keep an open mind to what colleagues and defectors are really studying and discovering in secret. Without the proper security clearance, one is unlikely to gain sufficient awareness to realize that mainstream magazines set the agenda, applaud Defenders of the Faith, and are moved by the profit motive, which means promoting scarcity, fear, chaos, and spirituality vs. science polemics.

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