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Nephilim: Some Fallen "Angels" (video)

Pat Macpherson, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly; Who were the Biblical Nephilim?
Nephilim like "titans" (Buddhist Asuras) came from the sky/space (NaturalPlane)

Full-grown adults sitting on laps of Egyptian giants
A "God" sent "angels" (akasha-devas) to teach humans, but they fell into "sin" (sex with human women). That angels from lofty space mated with "the daughters of men" has often been seen as quite controversial. It was censored by the early Church Fathers of Christianity, who also changed their mind about sex and instituted the rule of celibacy for monks and priests, who were previously married (but who then went on, in their frustration, to molest and rape children and women and each other).
It has survived through Jewish rabbinical traditions and is mentioned by historians and biblical writings in the Christian canon.

Apocryphal texts are the books previously included and now excluded from the Christian canon. Understanding the history of ancient pre-Christian Jewish teachings helps us gain a broader view of what happened. Missing (excised) stories in the Bible -- which used to be a longer collection of books prior to the Councils -- are illuminated by now non-canonical sources, which the Roman Emperor Constantine and others threw out of the new Holy Roman Empire religion, saying they were not inspired texts. No one much seems to mind that the 52 known gospels did not match, nor could four be found that matched. But four is all we got as infallible truth "inspired" and therefore in a sense written by God.

These teachings or gospels or version of events popular among different early Christian and Jewish groups were widely spread and accepted as truth. They were also accept as truth by the Church Fathers up until the 4th Century. The Church -- rooted in Rome in what is now "the Vatican" which was previously a massive temple-complex dedicated to Mithras -- changed its mind, demanded celibacy of its monastics, and tried to do away with overt angel worship. The Book of Enoch, for example, did not make it into the canon partly because of its controversial teachings about angels.
Hybrid children are beautiful (Suri Cruise)
But why cramp anyone's style about real Christianity when the whole world is actually interested in PR Jesus instead? We're just saying. Why fiddle with the truth when the myth the Church has built from religions all over the world -- Sumerian, Egyptian, Buddhist, Vedic Brahminical, Zoroastrian, Mithraic -- are so compelling?

Space Aliens, Scientology, and Tom Cruise
Crazy Cruise needs more time with Suri (NYP)
(NY Post) Tom Cruise [claims he] will save the world from aliens -- not on the big screen but in real life. His day job as an actor pales next to the billion-year contract of service he signed with the Church of Scientology, according to a bombshell new book, Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood & The Prison of Belief. New Yorker writer Lawrence Wright details Cruise’s demigod status within the church, as well as the group’s ultimate purpose -- protect humanity from aliens living in our bodies, who are bent on destroying us and ultimately the planet. More

Chinese art in California
(KQED/ Internationally-acclaimed Hung Liu's work incorporates both Chinese history and her own personal history in China. The first comprehensive survey of her art is on display at the Oakland Museum of California, the first stop on a national tour. KQED Reporter Cy Musiker discusses her exhibition, "Summoning Ghosts."

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