Monday, April 15, 2013

Death and Taxes: Boston Bombings

Wisdom Quarterly (COMMENTARY)
URGENT IRS MESSAGE: Hey, just because your limbs got blown off or your loved ones were killed or injured, that doesn't mean you get to skip today's tax deadline! Pay. Obey. And quit yer complaining. (Ken McGagh/MetroWest Daily News)

Giving us a taste of what our gov't gives others in our names

What is a "false flag" operation? Moreover, what is a Hegelian dialectic? Simply put it is when a ship does what it does under another flag, impersonating another actor, agent, or country.
Hegelian dialectic is "is the framework for guiding our thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead us to a predetermined solution." 
You heard him. Fearless Leader B.S. Obama is saying we will find whoever did this, why, and we will bring to bear the FULL weight of the law. 
The thing is, a group in the military-industrial complex already knows whom will be blamed, and already knows what the "punishment" will be. Come along for the ride. And try not to cheer too loudly or put those flags on car antennas or overwork the nice folks down at the enlistment center. 
We are all hurt, some of us outraged. Crying out in "self-righteous indignation" for "revenge" and "vengeance" and a biblical definition of blinding-justice ("An eye for an eye...," which Gandhi pointed out makes the whole world blind) is no way to act in times of great duress. 
Are we under duress? Yes. Someone is doing something, and they are doing it with a predetermined goal in mind. What will it be? What will it be? 
The Patriot Act is already active. We are already being spied on illegally and intrusively. Citizen ownership of guns is already being restricted.

NDAA (the fiat "authorization" to imprison and detain any American citizen for any reason without accusation, court, attorneys, representation, self-defense, or anything else one could call "justice" or "fairness") has already been signed into effect by Obama and is the de facto law of the land. 
We are already at war and planning more wars -- with Iran, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan, China, and the "geopolitical Middle East" in general all left to conquer and lord over with "full spectrum dominance." 
Welcome to the Brave New World Order.

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