Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The War on Consciousness: Banned TED Talk

Wisdom Quarterly; Graham Hancock (, Michael C. Ruppert; TED
Burmese nat, Buddhist "nature spirit," also known as a bhumi-deva (Swanksalot/
Gap at Minute 28:30 is a song censored due to copyright issues; interview resumes at 31:48.

Michael C. Ruppert (host of The Lifeboat Hour on the Progressive Radio Network) talks to urban shaman and progressive investigator Graham Hancock about the censorship he is facing at the hands of the good folks at TEDx. His recent talk has been banned and removed from the website. Ironically entitled "The War on Consciousness," it is actually a reference to TED's war on the dissemination of this consciousness-raising information.

Rather than anything warlike, Hancock is doing the work of peace by calling attention to natural states of expanded and elevated consciousness, the psychedelic experience, and a global awakening aided by spirit-goddesses (devas) such as the Amazonian entity/deity Ayahuasca.

The Lifeboat Hour is Ruppert's original mix of [overly alliterative] music and madness, laughter and loss, skill and sorrow, community and calamity, [g]love and grief, as well as joviality and joy-in-the-moment. The Lifeboat Hour airs on PRN every Sunday at 9:00 pm ET and 6:00 pm PT.

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