Thursday, May 2, 2013

Scandalous ART! (video)

Wisdom Quarterly; Digital Journal; J. Hobin "In the Playroom" -- kids, the media, and us

Cut Hobin some slack, America (
(SUN) Deal with it. Art upsets the applecart, at least good art does. Jonathan Hobin is a visual artist from Ottawa, Canada. He was interviewed by Brian Lilley on SUN TV in 2011, where he discussed his controversial photo series.

"Got Him"! Depiction of Western imperialism and endless oppression (J. Hobin)
WARNING: Funny and irreverent! Everyone gets 15 minutes of fame whether anyone likes it or not. A mobile phone camera, the "Harlem Shake" download, the mentality of a terrorista with an idea is all anyone needed this year.

Did someone say, "Harlem Shake" (the new Spanish Inquisition)?
WARNING: Nicki Minaj rap obscenities influencing all JonBenets

American Idol, JonBenet Ramsey (J. Hobin)

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