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TRUTH to "The Great Lies of History" (video)

Listen up, Dum-Dum: Earth history is full of lies! (Fred Flintstone and the Great Gazoo)
Cancer: The Forbidden Cures (facebook)
This five-CD pack contains five historical truths: 
  • (“From Pearl Harbor to 9/11: History Repeats Itself”)
Not only will these revelations reshape one's understanding of the world, copies of these DVDs can be copied and freely distributed to all -- with the full permission and blessing of the Italian director. Let the truth ring out and be heard far and wide!
Sometimes the truth is as close to us as the ground we are standing on. We fail to see it. Then it hits us in the face and it becomes hard not to see.

M.M. - filmmaker, screenwriter, journalist
Award-winning Massimo Mazzucco is the editor of, a popular news website that grew out of his investigation of9/11.
He is one of the foremost “truthers,” and the website currently covers the most important issues at stake in the new millennium: from Big Pharma abuses to our declining world economy, from criminal spraying (“chemtrails”) to alternative energies.

After a career as a successful fashion photographer, Mazzucco wrote and directed several feature films in the United States and Europe. But after 9/11 he chose to turn all of his efforts to producing digital format documentaries, releasing them on DVD and online.

Mazzucco’s “Global Deceit” (Inganno Globale, 2005) documentary exposes major flaws in the official 9/11 story. It was broadcast on Italian TV (on Berlusconi’s Canale 5) in 2006, launching a full-fledged national debate, which makes Italy the only country to date to have tackled the 9/11 controversy in the mainstream media.
Sometimes the truth hurts but it is always better to know than to remain ignorant
Mazzucco has also participated in several television debates, presenting his largely Italian audience with the most up-to-date findings of the 9/11 Truth Movement.

His second documentary, “The New American Century” (2007), covers the political and historical aspects of an alleged “inside job,” in particular the history of the American Neo Cons. (Hear excerpts from a Pacifica Radio, KPFK Los Angeles, interview recorded 9/23/09):
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It was presented at the 2008 Sao Paulo Film Festival in Brazil and other European film festivals. Supported by world famous filmmakers such as Costa-Gavras, Wim Wenders, and Ken Loach, it premiered in the US at the 2009 Oakland 9/11 Film Festival.

Mazzucco also produced a documentary on the Robert F. Kennedy assassination (“The Second Dallas”), which was broadcast on Italian TV in 2008, and a documentary on UFO's (2009), focusing not on saucers and extraterrestrials themselves but on the undeniable military cover up that began in the 1950s.
Mazzucco released “Cancer: the Forbidden Cures” (2010) a documentary that reveals a long history of cover-ups on many apparently effective cures against cancer.

His most recent documentary is “The True History of Marijuana” (2011), which exposes the world-wide conspiracy, led by the petrochemical industry, that has outlawed one of the most useful plants known to mankind.

Mazzucco is currently working on a new documentary on 9/11 called “Best Evidence - 10 years of public investigation on 9/11,” which will summarize the results obtained in the last 10 years by the worldwide 9/11 Truth Movemente.

Mazzucco has also written a book on 9/11 and one on the John and Robert F. Kennedy assassinations.

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