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World is Ending: Tornadoes whip U.S. (video)

Editors, Wisdom Quarterly, May 21, 2013; Basehunters; NPR.org; CNN.com
Tornado's trail of destruction, Moore, Oklahoma, 5-20 (Richard Rowe/Reuters/Landov/NPR)
Prayers needed. Large, violent tornado plowed through Moore, OK. We intercepted it from a half mile by South Moore High School. Complete destruction. Imagine a lawnmower blade 2.5 miles wide coming down on a city. That's what we had here.
Where does the world begin and end? (AN 4:45)
The "world," dependent on interaction with awareness, is constantly coming to an end. That is the nature of the flux (anicca) the Buddha pointed at as a liberating-insight that, comprehended correctly, can result in enlightenment.

Although this radical impermanence generally goes unseen throughout one's life, there is another kind of destruction that it is commonly confused with, and that is the external dissolution we meet with everyday. 

Akasha-devas in the sky (tribudragonthai)
Everyday is today in the Midwest. Oz. Kansas. Oklahoma, Texas, and those large swaths of grassland and prairie where dinosaurs once roamed, giants built mounds, and ancient seas left countless layers of calcified deposits are being torn asunder. Is HAARP being tested or is climate chaos (aka global warming) finally showing itself in a way the Bible Belt can believe in? Humans affect the weather? That's preposterous! 

Who cares if we have more combustion engines going than people? Who cares if ruminant animals are being mis-fed (grains, meat, and other things they would not eat since they want grass, sprouts, and greens) then slaughtered, both of which lead to the creation of powerful greenhouse gases?

(That is one inconvenient truth rancher-multi-millionaire Pres. Al Gore conveniently left out of his famous film since he, his friends, and family all profited from the mass mutilation of mammals industry). 

But all chickens and cows come home to roost eventually. Welcome to the New Age. Is God absent, are the weather-gods (devas) in their vimanas on vacation? Are we thinking bad thoughts and committing crimes the Westboro Church would condemn us for in our wars of empire?

Dorothy and Toto start in Kansas (aka, this world) and are transported a dimension away to Oz (Wyrd) via flux produced by tornado -- Hollywood fiction for mass consumption.

Tornadoes Clobber Kansas
(CNN, May 19, 2013) At least one person was killed Sunday when a string of tornadoes ripped through four American states, tearing roofs off homes, downing power lines, and tossing trees like matchsticks.

The death happened in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma, said Sheriff Mike Booth. He had no details. Booth said that two other people are missing at a trailer park in that county. 

Deva or nat, elemental fairy, depicted as Burmese marionette (Swanksalot/flickr.com)
Hyperdimensional physics produce Wyrd fluxes
[This has been happening since the White Man moved to the "New World" and displaced the indigenous nations who lived in peace with Nature and out of the way of tornadoes. Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz was transported and teleported due to the strange electromagnetic flux sometimes produced and reported in the hyperdimensional physics (anti-gravity) of spinning metals, water, and spiraling fields that leave cows standing on fences, cars in impossible positions, pieces of soft straw embedded in dense telephone poles, and babies moved from here to there without a scratch. Of course, no one will heed such experiential reports when they do not agree with the top down processing of our archaic theories approved and affirmed by our gate-keeping knowledge-filtering scientists and academics.]
"Plasma Physics? Ionized Atmosphere, Part 1" Chemtrail weather modification, HAARP bombardment, and atmospheric disruptions

Rescue crews were picking through the mangled metal remains [which, when spun, create a natural magnetic of enormous power] of mobile homes as darkness fell Sunday [May 19, 2013].

As many as 26 tornadoes were reported in Oklahoma, Kansas, Illinois, and Iowa [and Texas would soon also be affected], according to the National Weather Service, with Oklahoma and Kansas being the hardest hit.

Some of those reports might have been of the same tornado.

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin declared a state of emergency Sunday for 16 counties.

One touched down near Wellston, Oklahoma, taking out power lines and damaging several homes, according to video from CNN affiliate KFOR. The affiliate's helicopter pilot estimated the funnel cloud to be about a half-mile wide.

"It's tearing up everything," the pilot said. "Just ripping everything up in its sight."

Aerial video from KFOR and CNN affiliate KOCO showed severe damage near Wellston and near Carney, Oklahoma. Roofs were ripped from homes, branches stripped from trees and roads were filled with debris.

Tornadoes were also reported east of Dale, west of Paden, and near Prague in Oklahoma.

Part of Interstate 40 in Shawnee, Oklahoma, was shut down in both directions Sunday night after a tornado touched down there, overturning multiple tractor-trailers.

Still more tornadoes were spotted in Iowa, near Earlham, Huxley and east of Dallas Center, according to the weather service.

It did not mince words, telling people to take cover there, as elsewhere.

"You could be killed if not underground or in a tornado shelter. Complete destruction of neighborhoods, businesses and vehicles will occur. Flying debris will be deadly to people and animals," it said in its Kansas advisory.

The twisters are part of a severe weather outbreak that is sweeping through parts of Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa and Missouri as the storms sweep east.

Baseball-sized hail, wind gusts, and tornadoes are threatening to pummel parts of the central Plains and Midwest through Monday.

Beyond the Midwest, other areas were already seeing severe weather on Sunday. In Atlanta, serious flooding was reported amid storms producing heavy rainfall.
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