Saturday, May 4, 2013

Alternative Music Festival (Afghanistan)

Wisdom Quarterly;; Weekend Edition Saturday (
Skateboarding in Bamiyan, Afghanistan, ancient Kapilavastu (
The massive Buddhas of Bamiyan, Afghanistan not far from the capital of Kabul

Afghanistan has a Woodstock/Coachella? With Australian help, it does now (SCF).

Pashtun kids pal about in front of history
In a land where music was once banned, the Sound Central Alternative Arts and Music Festival of Afghanistan is in its third year of showcasing a growing cultural scene. Several thousand Afghans are attending this year's fest featuring live music, poetry, short films, painting, and skateboarding. LISTEN

Without a doubt, Kabul now has a growing alternative arts scene. The annual Sound Central Festival hosts an eclectic troupe of artists in a dynamic, mixed gender, and safe environment. It is clear that Afghan youth are thirsty for more art-based activities in the capital and. This festival will be here to showcase them for years to come. With such events the bar is being raised on production output, artistic content, and audience participation. Sound Central 2013 is here with a bigger and more diverse schedule than ever before. More
Now, these hajis are going to try to have a rock concert. Kill 'em, kill 'em all, shoot 'em in the head, rape them, pee on the bodies. Oorah! But if you see any Buddhist archeological sites, be careful; they belong to China. Sir, yes sir!
Sir, a little "collateral" damage, sir? Here comes death from above (

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