Friday, May 24, 2013

Builders: Secret Knowledge of Giants (video)

Below California: Tikal Mayan pyramid ruins in Mesoamerica, modern Mexico (wiki)

Massive prehistoric pyramidal monuments all over the world (Klaus Dona/Project Camelot)
What qualifies as a "giant" or titan?
Who were the master builders of prehistoric and ancient civilizations? Assuming they were not visiting extraterrestrials, who could have built such monumental marvels?

Considering the massive foundation stones and structures found at Baalbek and elsewhere -- Angkor Wat, Egypt, Borobudur, Stonehenge, Sumer -- the most logical conclusion is that giants ("titans," asuras) must have cut, moved, and erected them.

What is a "giant"? On Earth it is at least partly human, varying in height, but of unbelievable size. When most Homo sapiens were 5 feet high or so, the hybrid-human titans grew much bigger, ranging in height from 7 to 36 feet. This explains the grand architecture of classical India, Greece, Egypt, Buddhist Borobudur (Indonesia) and Angkor (Cambodia), and Mesoamerica.

Primal ape-like humans genetically manipulated to "evolve" after the image of extraterrestrial visitors in modern racist conception (SPL)
Map of Mesoamerica (
Even the pre-Columbian natives on this continent were reportedly so large that they could chase buffalo and hold them under their arms -- as extensively studied and documented by Stephen Quayle ( and See how easily stones were cut and moved and perfectly placed by these massive peoples. Judeo-Christian biblical evidence suggests that Nimrod may have been one of their task masters.

Patrick Heron's book The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse discusses a biblical basis for theories about UFOs and their relation to ancient ET beings beyond the imagination of people today. We find it hard to fathom. But soon, as Disclosure advances, we may not have to.

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