Monday, May 20, 2013

LA's mayor's race comes down to the wire

Wisdom Quarterly; CNS via, May 20, 2013
Gil Garcetti vs. [winner] Wendy Greuel (LA's first female mayor): She's a personal friend of Bill Clinton, unions, Gil, LAPD brass, progressives, independents, and secret-conservatives.

LA Mayor Villa-Raigosa and Police Chief Beck
LOS ANGELES (CNS) Despite a close race for Los Angeles mayor and hotly contested battles for City Council, city attorney, and city controller, only 22.7 percent of registered voters [one in five] returned vote-by-mail ballots as of today, with polls across the city opening tomorrow.

Election officials issued 739,117 vote-by-mail ballots and 167,657 have been returned so far, Kimberly Briggs of the City Clerk's office said.

Hollywood-area City Councilman Eric Garcetti will square off tomorrow against Controller Wendy Greuel. The two candidates took part in a flurry of last-minute, "get out the vote" events over the weekend to wake up voter interest.

[Anti-cannabis] City Attorney Carmen Trutanich is waging an uphill battle to keep his job, trailing in recent polls behind former assemblyman Mike Feuer with as many as 18 percentage... More

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