Wednesday, July 24, 2013

House votes for NSA to continue spying on US

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With this high-stakes showdown vote, White House press secretary Jay Carney issued an unusual, nighttime statement by Obama saying the measure would "hastily dismantle one of our intelligence community's counterterrorism tools" (Patrick Semansky/AP).
I want the NSA to spy on Americans. Me, too.
[Welcome to 1984; Big Brother is watching.] The U.S. House of Representatives has voted to continue the collection of hundreds of millions of Americans' phone records in the fight against terrorism.
The chamber rejected a measure to end the program's authority, but it was unlikely to settle the debate over privacy rights and government efforts to thwart terrorism. The vote was 217-205 on Wednesday.
The vote marked the first chance for lawmakers to take a stand on the secret surveillance program since former NSA systems analyst Edward Snowden leaked classified documents last month that spelled out the monumental scope of the government's activities.
It took him to make you a believer?
Republican Representative Justin Amash had challenged the program as an indiscriminate collection of phone records, saying his effort was to defend the U.S. Constitution and "defend the privacy of every American."
The issue created unusual political coalitions in Washington, with the Obama administration, national security leaders in Congress and the Republican establishment facing off against libertarian-leaning conservatives and some liberal Democrats. More

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