Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Meaning of Life

Dhr. Seven, Wisdom Quarterly; Martin Walkyier (Dreamweaver); TheClanDestined
The “Stairway to Nothingness” Dachstein Glacier, Ramsau, Austria is a new bridge and glass platform for visitors to walk ledge 1,300 feet above snow-covered cliffs (Natdesign).

Denizens of sylvan places
Hidden from the eyes of Man,
Courtesans with sylph-like graces
Dancing to the pipes of Pan

That echo through the ether,
Notes that soar the wings of Halcyon,
Songs to give our lives the meaning
We lack now that they have gone.
Watch the pattern ever-changing
In the tapestry of Fate,
Weft and weave now interlacing
Silken strands that fabricate

A Cloak to fit both King and Beggar,
Those who rule and those that toil,
Equal in the fact that all must pay
Homage to this Mortal Coil!
Icy fingers grasping madly
Get a grip upon my throat
Slowly squeeze the life out of me
On my dying words I choke!
A frantic prayer in desperation
Cannot hope to make me whole
A moment's lapse of concentration
And the spirits free my soul.
Drugs and potions surge within me
Slowly paralyze and kill me
Terrified, I stumble blindly
Into the Unknown.
“Bridge to Nothingness,” Dachstein Glacier, Austria (Natdesign)
Outside looking in, observing
Feelings that I find unnerving
Dying with my eyes wide open,
Helpless and alone.
The Endless Void that lies beyond
With gaping jaws it beckons me
I cast my worldly flesh aside
And plunge into eternity.

Once lighthearted I departed,
On my Quest hope courted me
Now a new love is my true love
And her name is Misery.
Eyes as dark as midnight raven's
Gems that filled my mind with awe,
Enthrall my heart, distract me from
Her milk-white hands stained red with gore.

Buddhist "Wheel of Life and Death," Samsara, Bhavacakra (
The fetters that bound me are broken
By words that were best left unspoken
For now I am shackled to sadness
By chains that are tempered with madness.
I plummet like a Shooting-star
That shines so bright yet falls so far
Shafts of Moonlight guide me
To the world that waits below.

I seem in need of nothing else
But rope enough to hang myself
Through the gates of Hell I go.
Contained within a living shroud,
My life-force fades and dies
This weary heart grows as heavy
As the coins upon my eyes.

The latch has now been lifted
On an never-opened door,
And peering through I see things
As I never have before.

The Hammer and the Anvil meet
In synchronicity they chime
A sound so simple and complete,
It needs no melody or rhyme.
They make me into something new
No longer trapped within this world
But transient and passing through
Far beyond The Summerland
Like a wild-boar is my valor
Now my life is in these hands
That keep the Cauldron seething
Stoke the fires of Destiny
Gently take me and re-shape me
All-wise Smith of sorcery

From the Cup of Happiness,
The Wine of hope I've sipped
Betrayed I taste the bitterness
Of pain upon my lips.

Though I try to drown my sorrows,
They will surely drown me first!
For swallowing my pride
Will not quench this thirst.
In the Darkness light has faded
Hope becomes Despair,
Loneliness for a companion
With me everywhere.
I wander in confusion,
While the tears that I have cried
Gleam like broken trinkets
You have worn then cast aside.
Now hand in hand with Ignorance,
The power-mad run blindly
But Retribution hunts you down
And rest assured he'll find thee.

No curtain can conceal you
For the ghosts of all you slander
Await you at your journey's end
And to them you must answer.

The Poisons born upon your tongue
Will never serve to slight me
For I have dealt with many fools
And suffer their kind lightly.

Just as we sow so shall we reap [reap],
And I my friend have plenty,
So sit ye down and eat your words
Now that your plate is empty.
Why do the Mighty view the World
Through sycophantic eyes
Then claim to us they know what's best
From pedestals of pride?

Don't take the views of others
And dismiss them out of hand
For when the pillars crumble,
Tell me who will take command?

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